After a 23-year career as a TV Meteorologist in Portland, Minneapolis, and Boston, I feel extraordinarily blessed to be living my dream as a full-time artist on the Maine coast. It is here where the salt air feeds my soul and my artistic spirit soars.

As a Maine island adventurer for most of my adult life, I realize how incredibly fortunate I am. Through all of my years of boating, sailing, and kayaking, Maine’s stunning natural beauty and wildlife continue to take my breath away and artistic inspiration is never-ending.

For several years, I captained my own boat, sometimes making day trips from Portland to the islands of Monhegan and Damariscove, and I’ve spent many overnights at anchor, on a mooring, or island camping between Casco Bay and Machais Bay. Being out there on the water and rowing to a remote island jewel with a tiny pocket beach is an experience richer and more fulfilling than anything money can buy.

While navigation has always been my strength, even in the days of paper charts (before the luxury of GPS), I’ve also learned the challenge of boating along the Maine coast. Having weathered dense fog and 12-foot seas crashing over the bow (and down my shirt) on several occasions, I have an incredible respect for the sea and for how quickly conditions can deteriorate. One needs to remain constantly alert to changes in the weather, wind, and tides and never become complacent. Needless to say, my meteorology degree has been instrumental in planning offshore excursions.

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These days, from May until late October each year, my husband Jeff, westie Winston, and I do most of our island exploring together. Each summer, we make at least one trip down east with several stops along the way at some of our favorite island destinations. Upon returning home, my camera card is full (literally) with more inspiring images which will become the next works of art.

Recognizing the significant character of Maine’s islands, I have been a long-standing member of the Maine Island Trail Association whose model of thoughtful use and volunteer stewardship strives to assure the conservation of Maine islands while providing an exceptional recreational asset for the people who use them. It’s wonderful to see the efforts of their important work first hand.

I’m also a supporter of the Island Institute who works in close partnership with Maine’s year-round island and coastal communities to ensure that these special places remain vibrant and viable.

Please see the associated links below for more information on these organizations, as well as a few others whose work I support and admire: